Partner of the RESAH
(France's biggest hospital purchasing association) in support of:
Human resources' transformations within Territorial Hospital Groups
Elaboration and implementation of Financial Balance Recovery Plans
Health system expertise for Institutions
Partner of the RESAH
(France's biggest hospital purchasing association)
Expert on Article 51 experimentations for Innovation in Healthcare
(Social Security Financing Act for 2018)
GOVHE accompanied more than a third of all selected applications for the national program for bundled payment experimentation, and more than 10 submissions to the national innovation program known as Article 51.
GovHe is also working in partnership with Unicancer on all their innovation projects for the Article 51 program.
Our firm is regularly called on by the French Hospital Federation (FHF) to organise training sessions on the subject.
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About us

Our philosophy: helping you become the driving force of change.

At GovHe, we specialise in consulting for healthcare providers and companies. Our core belief is that the success of transformation projects within hospitals depends not only on the contribution of a specific support or expertise, but also on the ability to create a true multidisciplinary managerial culture within the project, required to achieve commitment and to build a true team spirit.

Being present on site with the different stakeholders for each project is therefore at the core of our values.

Our vision & our commitments :

With this belief and the strength of our technical and managerial expertise in healthcare projects, our company strives to:

  • contribute to the improvement of healthcare systems by assisting hospitals and institutions in their transformation projects,
  • anticipate and manage the organisational disruptions prompted by the advances in the medical field,
  • guide and support a culture of interdisciplinary collaborative practice,
  • and promote a culture of continuous skills development.

We offer a wide range of services in pursuit of this vision:

  • Strategic territorial diagnoses
  • Development of joint strategy and partenerships within multi-organisational groups (such as French Territorial Hospital Groups)
  • Elaboration and implementation of Financial Recovery Plans (FRPs)
  • Planning of Investment Projects
  • Coordination of consortiums and application filing for research funding and certification
  • Evolution towards the Hospital of the Future
  • Pooling of activities (pharmacy, laboratory, logistics, human resources …)
  • Conception and implementation of value-based healthcare organisational pilot projects under the Article 51 of the French Social Security Financing Act for 2018

Despite its youth, GovHe counts with a strong and diverse team of knowledgeable professionals, gathered by Antoine Georges-Picot, a 25-year experienced expert ins hospital strategy and transformation.

GovHe is also a registered professional training organisation in France under the number 11755900675. This registration does not constitute a State endorsement.

GovHe is proactively committing itself to facing societal challenges by pursuing throughout our activities a data protection policy based on GDPR’s requirements, as well as an active sustainable development policy in accordance with ISO 26000, which establishes guidelines for corporate social responsibility (CSR) as defined by the European Union. This strong commitment has enabled GovHe to win a silver medal at the independent EcoVadis 2019 CSR assessment.

Our partners

Govhe federates a network of diverse partners to provide our clients with a multidisciplinary expertise of the highest quality.


In each of our projects, we focus on building tailor-made solutions with our clients, according to their specific needs.

Our firm assists healthcare partners in their multi-organisational projects or alliances, from the constitution of the partnership, to its implementation and its joint-strategy evolution overt time.

GovHe notably accompanies the French reform of the GHTs (Territorial Hospital Groups), which made it mandatory for most public hospitals to implement a joint-territorial organisation with the other neighbouring public hospitals. As such, our firm assisted the constitution of several Territorial Hospital Groups (GHT Ile-de-France Sud, GH Nord Essonne, GHT Eure et Loire, GHT Allier-Puy de Dôme, …).

We support these evolutions toward group organisation throughout their intensification, from the creation of the joint strategic plan to the implementation of strategic logistics plans. GovHe works in partnership with the RESAG (France’s biggest hospital purchasing association) to accompany human resources transformation within Territorial Hospital Groups.


Our firm offers support in the construction of healthcare facilities’ strategic plan throughout a 5 steps process:

  • Using medical data exploitation tools to assess the strategic positioning of the facility within its local ecosystem and within its network of partner facilities
  • Construction of projects by and with doctors, for each department and mapped patient journey
  • Development of transverse analyses by technical platform or by interdisciplinary health field
  • Study of partnership opportunities with neighboring healthcare institutions
  • Integration of the teaching and research dimensions into the project


The French COPERMO committee selects and prioritizes investment projects requiring state funding, in addition to validating and monitoring the operational actions proposed by Regional Health Agencies.

Our firm accompanies the development of applications for COPERMO review through the following steps:

  • Organization of data collection
  • Technical formalisation of strategic dimensions
  • Finalisation of the project’s real estate specificities (AELIPCE tool)
  • Assistance in the preparation of the income statement forecast and the global multi-year financial plan


Our firm works in partnership with the RESAH (France’s biggest hospital purchasing association) to accompany the elaboration and implementation of Financial Recovery Plans (FRP), aiming to restore budget balance. We assist our client throughout all the following stages:

  • Use of assessment tools and benchmarks
  • Building of involved stakeholders’ commitment and awareness (administration, doctors, caregivers) on recovery plan stakes
  • Collaborative elaboration of operational implementation plans and of the chosen piloting methodology


The world of healthcare is in constant evolution. Prospective thinking makes it possible to be a step ahead of predictable trends and effectively prepare for them.

In order to anticipate the changes needed in healthcare organisation and human resources adaptation, our firm takes into account the following dimensions:

  • Demographic trends
  • Prevalence of diseases
  • Evolution of medical and organisational techniques
  • Medical demography


Successful transformation of hospital organizations requires the engagement and support of stakeholders in a collaborative effort. We use our facilitation methodologies to conduct workshops and seminars for mixed profession cohorts of 15 to 500 participants from different stakeholder groups.

The Article 51 of the French Social Security Financing Act for 2018 is meant to foster, support and accelerate the deployment of new health organisations and new funding methods requiring at least one derogation from current funding rules or the public health code. Our consulting firm holds a high level of expertise in the development of Article 51 experimental projects and has already accompanied hospital federations, health centres and other private healthcare operators in more than 10 applications, both as letters of intent and / or as draft specifications at regional and national level.

GovHe accompanied more than a third of all selected applications for the national program for bundled payment experimentation, as well as all Article 51 related projects of Unicancer. Our firm is also regularly mandated by the FHF (French Hospital Federation) to conduct training workshops on this subject.

We are involved throughout all levels of experimental projects development:

1 – Ideation phase of the experiment
2 – Preparation of the letter of intent
3 – Elaboration of the specifications
4 – Implementation and management
5 – Analysis of the results


Our firm offers a complete service of hospital logistics plan conception, through a four-step methodology:

  • Assessment of the existing logistical organization and its strategic plan (pharmacy, kitchen, laundry, waste, etc.)
  • Development of department contracts
  • Definition of organizational target scenarios
  • Medico-economic assessment of the scenarios
  • Construction of the steps building towards target plan completion

Our firm accompanies healthcare and life sciences research projects and consortiums coordination within the framework of French, European or international strategical research programmes and / or funding programmes.

We provide our expertise in support of application filing for research funding or certification programmes (RHU, SIRIC, CLIP², …) on all following aspects:

  • Consortium modalities and management
  • Conception and operational management of the application project
  • Political and strategic positioning
  • Collective reflexion facilitation and data / contributions collection
  • Methodological and redactional skills (French and English)
  • Oral presentation coaching, and conception of the presentation materials


Our firm assists clients in designing Information Technology strategic plans for hospitals and hospital groups, through a five-step procedure:

  • Assessment of the existing IT strategic plan
  • Impact analysis of technological advances
  • Implementation of technical and functional infrastructure
  • Software evolution planning
  • Possible definition of SLA (Service-Level Agreements)

GovHe is a registered professional training organisation in France under the number 11755900675.
This registration does not constitute a State endorsement.

Our team


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